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    paragraph writing
    By Jackie

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    I have the students write the following down the margin of their papers-
    T_______(we write the topic of the paragraph here)
    I____(which I tell them stands for indent),
    SLM_____(which stands for straight left margin),
    MIS_____(main idea sentence, which I explain that I want to be the first sentence of their paragraph,)
    SD_____(which stands for supporting details, they must have 3 but I love 5)
    CS (which stands for closing sentence,I tell them the CS is not a detail, it goes back up and talks about the topic)
    Later on I change the CS to a H which stands for hook, as in hooking 2 paragraphs together.
    I tell them learning to write a good paragraph is like learning to cook. We start out with a recipe. This is their recipe for paragraph writing. When I grade their paragraphs I check off what they have done correctly. One of our fourth grade teachers tells me she always knows the kids I had the year before because they know how to write a good paragraph

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