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    ADHD/Aggression/Defiance/& Autistic Spectrum
    By Kimberly Kincannon

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    I have been around children for many years in different settings... The last two years I have had the blessings and insightful opportunities to direct and teach to grades k-8, including pre-k moderate to severe Autisitc children, RSP/Core, gate, combo, special ed/needs (e.g. down syn., ACC, ADD/HD, you name it!) My son has brain and development disorders, as well, and has recently been tentatively diagnosed by 5+ professionals as partially psychotic in addition to ADHD, ODD, OCD, ETC, but with also a high IQ. I want to have him evaluated for high functioning autism- as my research shows, about 30% of ADHD/aggressive children are also at the high end of the Autisic Spectrum. I personally advise two ideas to start: 1) Go to a public support group meeting and meet real people and therapists in the community that have successful life stories... & 2) Research all that you can and see what the world feels and looks like through an autisic person's eyes. I truly commit to the conclusive belief that the more intelligent the child w/ developmental challenges-- the more frustration that child will carry & need to vent it in some way or another (but, don't expect traditional ways), and if he/she lacks the necessary social skills, then that frustration can very easily turn to anger, isolated feelings and down- right rage/despair. PS-these kids lack common sense literally, yet they are usu. extremely smart in a unique and isolated way.

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