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    Lunch count
    By Ginny

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    I have to collect lunch money in the morning, as well as the count. I made a class list with 5 columns on the right, using my excel program. The first column after their name states, "Brought Lunch", and I highlight this column for those who need visual cues. Each morning, I write lunch choices for the day in the second and third column headings. We have two columns for hot lunch, and a third for PBJ (an everyday choice). Then I add a column titled "Paid", in which I have already noted those with reduced or free lunch. Students who pay will write the amount they are handing in. Those with free or reduced lunch will circle the word. The next column is for change due, and I usually help them with that column at this point of the year. I consider this a part of my math program, while I individually review money value of coins, writing money amounts, and subtraction when needed. It also helps my students to fill out a graph while correctly placing their choice in the appropriate column. We put the money and worksheet in a large manilla envelope and send it to our cafeteria workers. I feel that this activity will help my students to become more independent.
    My students are in a third grade, special ed class and I monitor this activity myself at this time. Since most of the lunch orders are the same each day, students quickly get used to the routine. As soon as they come in, they are reminded to "sign in", and I am also able to check attendance for the day. It does take a bit of monitoring right now but in the past few weeks since our school has started, the students are already getting used to the procedure.
    I hope this helps! It's working for me.

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