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    I don't know about using Webkins for class...
    By REB

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    I have three Webkins of my own (yeah, I know, I's sad...but they're SOOOOO cute. LOL )

    I don't know if using them for students to take home as a "virtual pet" was what you had in mind, but if so, just be sure none of the students gets your code.

    And, if you give them your password and user name to use, are you going to make them change it everytime a different student takes it home?

    If not, how are you going to ensure that the students don't log onto it, when it's another student's turn.

    just some things I thought about with using the Webkins.

    Also, they have a feature on there(if you go to the W shop, and buy the seeds with your Kinzcash) where you can buy seeds for your "garden" and grow vegetables, and some fruits. You may want to check into that also, because if they don't check on their gardens often, you would know it, because the garden gets weeds, and the plants may die.

    My husband said that the webkins' hunger level never gets low enough for them to die, but I don't know that, because we haven't done that.

    (DH has 3, I have 3, and my daughter has 4 (She's 6.)

    We have: A bull frog, a pug, a polar bear, a poodle, a frog, a yorkshire terrier, a white cat, and I have a St. Bernard, a hippo, and a bull dog.

    the only way I think you could probably do this, without sharing the secret code, is to tell them the user name, and make them change the password when it was their turn for the "pet", and they would have to write it down in a journal, or something that you would give them to bring home with it, so that way the next student would have the old password, when they got ready to change it for the next weekend, and use the pet.


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