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    By MsPropel

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    When they built our part of the building they did not give us any bulletin boards. I put mine up on the wall. You have to find something that will keep it up for you though. I've found the 3M sticky clips work the best for heavy things like the calendar itself. They won't damage the wall either when you pull them down. For most everything else, we tape it up or use sticky tack. We're also allowed to use push pins in our walls since we don't have bulletin boards.

    Other options: Do you have a SMARTBoard or Promethean Board? You could make slides to go with each part and project them onto the board. What about an overhead projector? You could have different transparencies for each part. You could make a blank calendar and draw the pieces on each day, make a coin counter transparancy and use overhead money, make a graph transparancy for whichever graph you are working on, etc. I know these are not ideal but they may help for now.

    You also might want to think about doing calendar binders/folders with your students. I'm going to start that this year just to make them a little more accountable for what we do. They won't do every piece in their binder but at least some. I'm going to have my kids do place value stickers, they'll have a blank calendar where they have to put in the date and the letter of the pattern (ABAB, AABB, etc.), for August/September they'll have a birthday graph, a page to keep track of their math facts that use 0, 1, and 2, and a 200 chart. I think we'll just do the coin counter together. I haven't figured out how to effectively put that on paper for them.

    What do you think? Any questions?

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