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    Behavior Bingo
    By REB

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    I learned about using Behavior Bingo, and some other systems earlier this summer in CHAMPS professional development training on classroom management. I learned to do it three ways: either you can look for something that someone in the class is doing that is a desirable behavior (like highlighting, taking notes, being a good listener, helping someone else), and then call a "Bravo" moment (or whatever bingo term you wish to use), and have that student come up to the board, and mark with a dry erase marker over a number (they have to pull a number out of a can/jar that matches those on the board)

    The other way I have seen it done is by groups, if a group is on task, call a Bingo moment, at random, so the students never know which group will get picked....(same process as above)...

    And, the last way I have seen it done is as a review of facts of some kind, math, english, spelling, etc....

    The rewards could be simple, or more detailed depending on what you have time in your teaching day for. Some could be five minutes of chat time with your neighbor, or a big reward like popcorn and a movie, popsicles, etc.

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