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    Isn't it so sad that it has come to this?!
    By Indiana Teacher

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    Tish, you have a good point, we can only give so much. There has to be some reciprication on the part of the student. However, we as teachers are held accountable for the outcomes of these tests regardless of the extenuating circumstances. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, remember?! I truly feel that this is going to cause good teachers to leave the profession. There is too much stress over 1 stupid test. I know I feel it more and more every year.

    Give up - please do not Give Up. It sounds like you put your heart into teaching children who have so many outside issues. If you have seen progress in your classroom, you know you are being effective. Unfortunately our government doesn't realize that people are all different, and thus cannot all be expected to be on the same level. Hopefully something will change soon before too many good people leave the profession.

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