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    RE: Teach2Think response
    By KAS

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    I too keep reading about the research/positive benefits of the push in model. I agree with what I've read but my head is already spinning on how in the world to manage it all. I am the only reading specialist/literacy coach on the campus. I will essentially be responsible for serving at least 24 classrooms K-4. The way in which classes are made currently is equal division of academic concerns meaning if I pull out or push in the kids will be probably be coming from every classroom (ex: 4 per class). If I continue the pull out program it's more manageable and I would be able to do it not necessarily by level but skills needed with the ability to group students according to need not necessarily level or grade level which I think could still offer benefits. On top of it all I will need to make room to go into classrooms in order to demonstrate lessons and components of a balanced literacy framework which could essentially help more student by helping teachers become more knowledgeable and profecient teachers of reading and writing. I just don't know how to schedule because all of the roles and needs are important to meet...I don't want to cheat anyone:) I am wracking my brain to come up with some sort of rotational system like pull kids 3x per week, be in classrooms 2x a week to do individual reading/writing conferences and teacher demonstrations but if that's doable I still can serve 24 individually classes a week. I'm wondering if I should see if we could create classrooms where struggling readers were put into fewer classrooms (3 instead of 6 for example) making the push in more feasable. As you can see my head is truly spinning trying to keep up with current research and doing what's best for kids and teachers but also remaining realistic. If you think of anything else I'm all ears :)

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