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    I agree with you 100%
    By NJ Teacher

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    A few years ago, our principal made us go for website training. We had to use FrontPage and look for graphics, create text etc. for both grade level pages and individual pages. It was tied into our professional improvement plan that each teacher has to have in our state each year. We also had to update it annually with any changes. We also had something dumped on us called Teacher Notes. There was a link on everyone's page to their Teacher Notes page. This was for memos, homework, reminders, etc. When you posted, they were dated, so anyone looking at the site (and the principal did) could see when you last posted. Teachers who didn't keep theirs up to date got e-mail "reminders" from the principal.If I had wanted to become a webmaster, I would have sought a career in computer science. Well, we got a new superintendent recently. He decided that the websites were not uniform--some teachers went all out and others were more basic. He switched us to something called Schoolwires. This was basically similar to Teacher Notes, but it was part of your website. All the websites are now structured the same with a few standard subheadings. It's much easier in some ways, but I resent the wasted time put into creating the other websites we did. The district went to another server when they adopted Schoolwires, and just deleted everyone's old sites. I don't see parents utilizing the sites (either before or the newer one we now have). They still ask questions of you that indicate they never looked at any explanations you posted on the site, and they just shrug their shoulders. They also don't take advantage of the fact that the math program we use is online also, and it was explained to them at Back-to-School Night with written directions as well as at a PTO meeting.

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