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    Academic Nights
    By KellyTeachTX

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    Our Academic Nights are usually held on Tuesday or Thursday nights from 6-8 PM.

    We have done this several different ways....

    1. Teachers are in their rooms awaiting parents and students to come by (similar to an open house)--
    2. The teachers are responsible for coming up with an activity (focusing on state standards) for the Parent/Child to complete together

    For teachers who are self-contained, our Principal told us to choose which subject our activity would address--usually a Math, Science or Reading activity-- If the teacher taught only only subject like with departmentalized grade level teams, the parent & child would visit each of their teachers and complete those activities.

    3. We set up a couple of areas in the room (kind of like centers) where the student and the parent could complete the activity.

    4. Once the activity was completed, the teacher would "check-off" or initial their participation card and the parent/child would move on to another room to complete another activity.

    When they finished at least 4 activities (as initials or checked-off on their card) the last teacher would keep their card and return it to their homeroom teachers. The homeroom teacher would then give those students extra credit/incentive award/name in a drawing, etc for attending.

    ANOTHER WAY that we've done it was to have a THEMED academic Science Night, Multi-Cultural Night, Reading Rodeo, Math Marathon Night, etc...

    1. Set up gaming/center activities on tables in the gym and and cafeteria and in certain rooms around the school that pertain to DIFFERENT aspects of the theme. (For example: Science night, we had a bubble table, magnet tables, a room where the kids learned about germs with blacklights and florescent paint (fun), weather stations, etc...)

    2. Each table/room/activity was manned by at least two teachers and/or parent volunteers.

    3. The student/parents would choose which activity/table/room they would like to visit.

    4. We had no cards on this type of Academic Night...The student/parent groups would just roam and visit the activities they wanted.

    Students would get extra points and/or other incentives for attending & participating.

    It takes LOTS of work to do it the 2nd way---we've only done it that way once, but it was a HUGE success.

    Again, we usually offer refreshments or even a meal, depending on what the faculty decides.

    Our principal had us doing one Academic Night every six-weeks....the parents loved it and there was always a huge turn-out.
    In Texas, schools are accountable for parent participation so this is one way to accomplish this.

    I hope this helps.


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