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    More words ranked by intensity
    By Risa

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    I'll be working on ranking the words bit by bit, in alphabetical order, if no one else jumps in.

    :) I'd love it if others could to help add to this reference resource! Feel free to either list the words you want to work on or use the synonyms booklet (attachment in this thread) and list the group of words you'll rank so that we don't overlap.

    As I said previously, I'm doing this so I have a ready reference. Going through this process helps me to see that some synonym groups are more difficult to rank. For me, words such as "also" or "but" don't seem to have those degrees of intensity so they may not need to be ranked. Others of you might see greater distinctions. I'm finding there aren't necessarily right/wrong rankings for all the words. Some will be more readily defined, such as for the word 'happy' or ' walk'.

    Our students, ultimately, will be deciding on the synonyms to include in a given group and ranking them (making vocabulary timelines) according to how their group discusses and makes the decisions. (See posts on this thread by KP/NH and LindaR.)

    ABOUT-almost, close to, about, nearly, approximately, approaching
    ALSO- too, also, as well as, in addition to, besides, moreover
    AMAZING-remarkable, amazing, overwhelming, astonishing, stunning, dazzling, startling, unexpected
    AWESOME-outstanding, impressive, fabulous, astonishing, stupendous
    AWFUL-terrible, awful, dreadful, frightful, alarming, shocking, horrid
    BAD-unfavorable, inadequate, poor, unsatisfactory, defective, harmful, bad, disagreeable, wicked, naughty, offensive, corrupt, repulsive
    BEAUTIFUL-cute, pretty, appealing, attractive, handsome, alluring, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite
    BEGIN- start, begin, commence, initiate, originate, introduce, found, launch
    BIG- big, large, huge, giant, enormous, extensive, immense, massive
    BORING-commonplace, tiresome, tedious, boring, monotonous
    BUT-yet, still, though, although, on the other hand, however, moreover, regardless, nevertheless

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