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    By teachnkids

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    Funny, I just got home from Walmart and had to show my card and my ID. I told my daughter I must have that criminal look. She asked me for what---underage Gatorade buying? We had to laugh, but I agree that things have gotten pretty lax. My DH signs our dogs name on the electronic pad at the grocery store! I've gotten slack with my signature, but on official documents I still work pretty hard at making it look nice. Not sure what the answer is, but we had our credit card lock up on us while we were away in Mexico a few years ago. It was flagged for "out of ordinary purchases" and we couldn't use it. Didn't find out until last day because all our other purchases had gone through, but then we couldn't check out with our hotel bill. It was not funny at the time, but they did let us go after we spoke to cc company.

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