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    By Sam5

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    My mine is simpler than the others. I don't have a copy to attach. I use Print Shop. I have two columns. One column the kids write. Two kids report on what happened in class the week before. One kid submits a joke, one kid submits a trivia question, one kid does a word of the week. They just hand these to me by Friday and I type them into the newsletter. The second column I put in subject matter information and any other important information for the week, including dates for school wide events. Sometimes I add thank you's and positive notes about things kids have done. I do mine on the weekend after I do lesson plans. It takes about 15 minutes to type up and the time is well worth it. I have gotten many positive comments about them over the years and I really think it cuts down on parent problems. I give a copy to my principal each week. I just throw it in his mailbox. I don't think he reads it. I think he just sticks it in a file, but that way he knows exactly what I told parents if one did call. He just has to get out the file. I also feel that I have then informed him of what is going on in my classroom.

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