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    By bamateach

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    Other posters have posted some great things. Here are a few things I do.

    1. I post center rules in the room. #1 Do not interrupt the teacher. #2 Work quietly. #3 Keep your center work in your center folder. #4 Do not roam around the room. We go over these rules before center time every day for several weeks and anytime we need a reminder. I agree w/ other poster stop for the day if you see behavior problems.

    2. The only 2 reasons a child can approach the teacher during centers is to use the bathroom and to go to the library (if they are at independent reading center). They don't speak to me, but rather stand away from the group that I am working with and if they need to go to the library they hold their library books at chest level. If they need to go to the bathroom they give me the thumb and point it toward the door. They wait till I look at them and I simply nod yes or no.

    3. I also agree that you should make children accountable for the work that they do. I have them keep work in a center folder. At the end of the week I pass out a rubric that I made up. They self check each assignment to see that it is neat, complete, and correct. They then turn it in and I check each assignment as well and give them a grade based on the rubric. Once I started using the rubric I noticed a serious improvement in the work that I was getting out of my students.

    Hope these are helpful to you. :)

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