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    By scraphappy

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    What grade do you teach? Are the kids able to help?

    I use the kid's as much as possible. I even snag a few former students before and after school.

    I start by setting up: Mission Control. I have 2 white boards in my room and I divide it into several sections. One is my "must do" list. Under that I list all of the things that the students 'must do' (journal, math, etc.) Next I have the 'may do' column where I list choice activities that are quiet and not in my way (reading, writer's workshop, etc.) This way the kids ALL have something productive to do when I'm not calling upon them to help. I find that as the classroom loses it's routine because of end-of-the-year packing, cleaning etc. it adds to the headache. This way the kids are occupied.

    Next I list the jobs ALL children need to do (clean out lockers, book boxes, cubbies, folders, etc.) I typed up what needed to be done for each task and posted it on the board.

    -remove anything hanging on the door and put it into your backpack
    -take all trash, old snacks, etc. and throw it in the trash
    -put everything else into your backpack
    -wipe down the top and bottom shelf with a baby wipe

    I made a master list that has the job followed by all of the children's numbers (I assign #s to each child at the start of the year...if you don't just put 1st name or initials). After the task is complete they cross off their number so I see who still needs to do it.

    Lastly I have 2 additional lists:
    -my to do list
    -jobs I can get help with

    As I think of things that need to get done I list them on the appropriate list and cross them off as they get done.

    I find knowing what needs to be done and seeing it posted really helps for a smooth closing each year.

    Also, pretend it needs to be done a day earlier than it really needs to be so that you have time to spare.

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