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    Another Classroom Library ?
    By MsPropel

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    At my school the only built in storage that I have is my closet. All of my bookshelves are free standing. Because of this, I have to pack up EVERYTHING every year. It becomes very cumbersome. My classroom library currently has thirty one dishpans that the books are stored in. Most of these dishpans are overflowing so I need to buy another bookshelf and some more boxes for books. It just seems ridiculous to me to have to put those books in boxes only to take them back out in six weeks! I was thinking that it would be better to keep the books in bins that have lids, that way I could just put the lid on at the end of the year and stack them with the rest of my things. However, I've priced the size that I would need and at Wal-Mart they were $3.88. I looked at four dollar stores in my area and none of them had the right size with a lid. I'm going to take a look at Big Lots tomorrow to see if they have them a little cheaper because it would cost me $156 to do it this way!!!

    So, my question:
    Where can I find 12qt boxes with lids for cheaper than $4/box? Or, do you have another suggestion for making the packing process easier?

    Thanks for the help!

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