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    By Katsmom

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    1. Give small groups a stack of newspapers and a roll of masking tape. Give them the challenge of building the best castle, bridge, house, tower, whatever, using only those 2 materials. They can roll, ball up, or fold the newspaper to get desirable shapes. Then, judge for best construction.

    2. Buy or dye toothpicks various colors. Cone off an area. Give each kid or partners a cup to be a "nest" outside of cone area. Make kids put fingers up to mouth like beaks to find "caterpillars", aka the toothpicks, scattered in the grass. Give prizes for most caterpillars found and the most green ones found(in grass, they would be the most camouflaged caterpillars). When I do it w/ partners, I actually have one partner be the "finder", and they have to have a signal bird call w/ their partner. Finder claims toothpicks in the grass by pointing and making their bird call while other partner is the gatherer. Then, we switch rolls.

    3. Water balloon tosses are always fun.

    4. Water relay races:
    -use soup ladles to scoop water from one container to fill a goal container at other end of playing area

    -teams run up, scoop up water in small cup, throw on next person in line, go to end

    -teams run up one @ a time, sit on wet sponge at end of playing field, come back and tag next team member to go

    -poke hole in bottom of margarine tubs; team member in front scoops up water in container and passes over head to next player on down the line until final team member in line dumps remaining water in fill-up goal container and that player then comes to the front and keeps it going until one team fills their container

    -these water relay games can be easy to think up w/ simple supplies like ladles, balloons, sponges, etc.

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