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    Pipe Cleaner Fun
    By lismac

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    Group the kids in groups of 4-5 children.
    Give each group pencils and papers (1 of each for each child)
    Give each group 5-8 pipe cleaners. Each group needs to start with the same number. They can request more if they need them.
    The rules are- no one can talk, they need to communicate by writing or with sign language/gestures, every team member needs to be working as this is a team project, they can only use the pipe cleaners, no other tools can be used.
    The Goal- you give them a theme such as something that represents summer or a mode of transportation and they have to as a team create something out of the pipe cleaners that represents the theme assigned.
    When they are done, they nominate a spokesperson to tell about the object they have made.

    I have done this with children as young as 1st grade and as old as 85 years old! It is a hit everytime we do it. My 4th graders begged me to allow them to do it everyday! We settled on twice a month. It was amazing how well they all communicate by only writing. The room is always so quiet when I conduct this activity- an added bonus for teachers! My principal borrowed the idea and used it at a staff meeting. I have also done it with playdoh- however that was much more expensive.

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