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    By anonposter

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    You know, I like a nice, clean colorful classroom.

    Last year I worked really hard on creating a cute theme I just knew my fifth grade students would enjoy. Time, effort, money, great attention to any rate...
    I teach on a team of 5. One of my teammates is a man. He is minimalist, does nothing to his bulletin boards except display signs the kids make for his boards. He does hang kids' work, in fact, he says it's the kids' job to decorate the bulletin boards, but no paper? No color? Just a personal preference I guess.
    At open house night a parent walked in to our wing and looked in my room, turns out her kid was in "the man's room" when she walked her kid into the man's room the first thing that came out of her mouth was "see, it's not all frilly and decorated, you'll like it here."
    Guess to each their own, I find more kids like a theme than don't, but I also never expected people to be catty or petty about my hard work to create a nice classroom. Other teachers especially.
    In the end, it's not about the decorations, but about the work that takes place there. It's about clear expectations, academic and social and their response. More people need to think about those expectations than the silly decorations they so lovingly (and expensively) choose. It kills me to see those people with the "perfect" rooms and bulletin boards, without a clear sense of what they are teaching, WHY they are teaching it, and sometimes a lack of attention to the way they talk to and treat the young people they teach!

    That being said, I will decorate with a theme and I will love it. After all, I have to spend 8 hours a day there!

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