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    Something Similar
    By 3grteacher

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    I have pockets with cards also. I have index cards with the kids numbers on them with a paper clip attached to each one. They are in a index card file box. I have 4 kids who are librarians for the class. (I switch two at a time so I leave two more experienced students with the new ones.)

    The kids can check out a book by taking the book to a librarian and having them file the card in the index card box. They attach it with the paper clip to the numbered card for that student. When the student returns it, the librarian takes the book and puts the card back in it. They reshelf the book. I don't let anyone else from the class do it except the librarians. (it gets all messed up if I do!)

    If I pick the right students, the system works really well. Sometimes kids beg to be the librarian, but they end up not doing a great job. This is one of those jobs you just really have to have "on top of it" type kids.

    I love it and it works really well for me.

    ****I tried the pocket chart where the kids just put the card into their pocket. Kids would put them in the wrong pocket and not notice, then they wouldn't be responsible enough to admit they took out the book. They were not as accountable as with my new system. :)

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