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    That skipping is can be caused by one of a few problems:

    1) Your DVD burner may be finicky with the brand of media. If you supply the brand and type of burner and media you are using, I can check to see if there have been any updates to the firmware of drivers-- or even if other people are having the same problem.

    2) It being an external drive, there may be a vibration problem when burning. Make sure the drive is on a very sturdy surface.

    3) When burning the video file to a DVD, some people forget that a DVD player (the kind you hook up to a television) expects a certain format of video. Make sure you select the option to author the DVD as a "Video" or "movie" DVD and not just storage. There may even be an option to import the standard windows moviemaker format (DVI-AV- NTSC, I think). If your DVD player goes from stand still to burn without taking time to convert to DVD player format, then you know you've missed something.

    As with all problems, of course, more info = more accurate solution. =)

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