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    Teachers Say the Darndest Things...
    By MsPropel

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    Tomorrow (Friday) is our last day of school. To say the least, it has been a ROUGH year. 9 of my 19 kids have some sort of IEP. The worst has been diagnosed ED. I've probably learned more from him this year than he has learned from me. Today he was upset (I honestly can't even remember why) and he ran out of the room. I walked out and found him sitting against the wall halfway down the hall. I calmly said, "You know you can't leave my room without permission. If you need a break, you need to come in and ask." Sometimes this approach works, other times it does not. Today it did not. He got even angrier and threw a bouncy ball (that a wonderful teacher had so thoughtfully given him) as hard as he could on the floor. It bounced back up, hit the ceiling, and proceeded to bounce down the hallway. My darling ran after it as I calmly walked toward it. He knew I was going to take it. I reminded him that he was going to have to give it to me. He put it in his mouth (I guess he didn't think I'd want it after that!) I simply put my hand out and said, "Please put the ball in my mouth!!!" Apparantly my brain and lips weren't working together. He of course yelled, "Ew, that's gross!" but spit the bouncy ball out into my hand. It was one of those moments where you just can't help but laugh. I was able to turn away first though! LOL

    Thank goodness for summer break!!!

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