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    Even further information...
    By MustTeach!

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    CD-Rs are indeed one-shot discs, but not because you can't continually add more information.

    Think of a CD-RW (re-writable) as a piece of paper.
    Think of a CD-R as a stone tablet.

    With a CD-RW you can write, erase, write again, erase again, and so on until the CD-RW degrades enough to where it can no longer hold data. Just like paper- albeit a very large piece, very hearty piece of paper. Also, they cost more than CD-R.

    With a CD-R (recordable) you can continually add more information so long as you DON'T "Close session". If you do, you will essentially be breaking off the unused portion of the stone tablet. The only downside to having an "open session" CD-R is if you plan to use it as a music CD as there are many CD players out there that do not recognize open-session CD-R. However, if you're just storing information, it's fine. =) Leave the session open and continue to burn later. =)

    Types of standard CD Media:
    650MB (data) / 74 minutes (music)
    700MB / 80 minutes

    Mini CD (my fav)
    210MB / 24 minutes

    I love using mini CDs because they're so uncommon. I like to pop one out and drop it in the CD tray on campus and watch people go "ooooh... that's what that little divot is for..."

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