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    By Kristen_6th

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    I don't have an answer to any of the questions but I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking about it.

    I used to use Words Their Way. I had separate groups for the introductions but they had independent sorts each day. The others in their group checked to see they agreed with the sorting and the spelling. I only did it one year so I'm not too sure about results but at least the kids seemed more aware of WHY certain words were spelled a certain way. Of course, English is so irregular, it sometimes created problems.

    Now we have required spelling books. They are by the authors of WTW but still, they are mandated word lists each week. I have been differentiating by adding challenge words, etc. I like the fact that they can sort their words online and get automatic feedback.

    This coming year, I think I am going to incorporte parts of Month-by-Month Phonics (from the 4 blocks people). One of my goals this summer is to figure out the parts of Month-by-Month that correlate with our spelling pattern. I like their philosophy on spelling-

    some words are ones that you just need to learn and know automatically
    some words have predictable rime patterns
    some words have two possible rime patterns and it is more of "What Looks Right"
    some words have word parts (prefix/suffix) and learning these word parts can help you become a better reader and speller
    These ideas of spelling should be applied to reading and writing or else they are worthless

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