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    dye help
    By tia

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    1. i was told once to wet the shirts (after rubber banding) before putting them in the dye--helps it absorb better. (don't know if this is true or why it would be....)

    2. do a vinegar/water rinse afterward to help set the dye (same reason you use vinegar with Easter eggs).

    3. make sure kids wash their shirts before wearing them. (so they don't stink like vinegar and to make sure extra dye washes out instead of turning their skin color.) i usually type up a quick note for them to take home. also, they should was shirt (for first few washes) with stuff the same color or with something you don't mind color bleeding onto.

    4. i have kids dye in flat buckets and pails--i use rules to keep poking the shirts down--they tend to float up.

    5. make sure you have a warm place to let the shirts dry--and you might think about doing it in AM so they have time to dry.

    6. so the kids (and you) don't end up with colored hands for a week (this is one of those things i figured out after YEARS--duh), wear gloves.

    7. it doesn't matter how much water you use! more water--lighter color; less water--darker color; less time in--lighter; more time in--darker.

    8. i like to use the liquid RIT dye--it mixes easier/faster. the powder is much cheaper (like a 1/3), but it takes a while to mix and you sometimes have varied colors--like yellow and blue little flecks in the green. i use one bottle in a bucket and the bucket isn't quite filled---i'm guessing a bucket is 5 gallons??? (it's not an exact science---and that's what's fun about dyeing, you don't know what it will look like.)

    9. you teach first, so this shouldn't be an issue, but, teaching 6th, i usually pull the girls aside and caution them from making circles in the boob area!

    10. i have always done the rinse with the rubber bands on and then taken them off for the drying--drying flat.

    11. something else neat to do---tie a knot in the shirt (hello, TIE dye) :p this is somewhat hard for little kids to do, especially with a smaller size shirt! but it makes a cool design!

    12. rubber bands--the thicker the rubber band, the better! the rubber bands have to be TIGHT, or the color will seep under. AND, you should use more than just one rubber band because one makes a wimpy thin line that is not easy to see.

    13. something else i've learned--but the box/bottle of dye color next to the tub so they can see what color. (sometimes the blues and purples are hard to tell apart--and the yellow looks more orange). do remind them the colors won't be exact.

    have fun!

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