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    Father's Day-collected ideas-MORE to add?
    By Risa

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    My school goes until the third week in June :o so our final project tends to be a father's day card and gift. Assuming others will also be needing ideas, I'm posting these ideas I've gathered from a variety of resources over the years...
    Please add any others you may have

    After finding this idea, below, I've used it for several years:
    Posted by Diana on 6/02/02

    I got one of those car seat covers made of wooden beads and cut it up. We use it to make key chains for Father's Day gifts. You need: Wooden beads, key rings (plain ones are available 4 for 79cents at WalMart in the craft area), and suede or leather lacing - the kind sometimes used for work boot laces (again, available at Walmart, in spools of 25 ft.To make the keychains: cut a length of leather about 10-12 in. or so. Double it, put the loop through the ring, and pull the ends through the loop to attach. Holding the 2 ends together, thread them through 5 beads, then knot the ends. Simple enough even for first graders to do with a little demo. Also small enough to fit in a Father's Day card - no need to gift wrap.

    This interactive book that kids can make from scratch is guaranteed to be an instant favorite with fathers.
    They decorated a paper bag with a picture of their Dad and glued on a list of snack items that included the following:
    "Popcorn....because you are my Pop!
    Raisins...'cause you are raisin' me
    Chex....'cause you always chex on me
    Goldfish....'cause you are the big fish in MY sea
    Cheez-its.....'cause you are the big cheese! ETC.
    They filled a two cup measuring cup with the snacks of their choice and them dumped it in the bag, folded it over, punched two holes and threaded/tied curling ribbon to hold it shut.

    Posted by First Aid on 4/23/05

    My students created a mini first aid kit for their dads. We decorated a small Pringles can with a paper that included the poem
    'For your bike, your boat or your car.
    So you will be MY hero, wherever you are!'

    Inside we put a pair of latex gloves, 1 darning needle on a paper labeled 'for slivers', 2 antibiotic ointment sleeves, 2 cough drops, 2 emery boards (1 cut in 2 halves), 3 gauze pads, 4 safety pins, 5 cotton balls, 6 Band-Aids, etc. Great counting lesson as well!

    FATHER'S DAY GIFTS - Different Air Freshener
    Instead of doing skin color foam, make a different decorative freshener for the car. Start by cutting out felt shapes and gluing them together to create a flower, a butterfly, or any other design they desire. Then make a small hole near the top and attach a loop of string. When you're ready to roll, apply a few drops of lavender,
    tangerine, cinnamon, pine, etc., essential oil (sold at many natural food stores or large grocery stores) and hang the freshener in your car.
    **Idea taken from Family Fun magazine, Aug. '99.

    Posted by Rose on 4/23/05
    A very simple idea that I have done is the following:

    1. Get enough clean and emptied tuna fish cans for each student.
    2. Purchase some patterned contact paper and felt to match.
    3. After measuring, stick the contact paper on the sides of the tuna can.
    4. Cut the felt into a circular pattern then glue the felt inside the tuna can.
    5. Then take the extra felt and make bow ties. I do this by tracing 2 triangle pattern blocks.
    6. Place the felt bow tie on the outside of the can.
    You have a really cute change container!
    They are a big hit!
    Need a Father's Day Project
    Posted by terry on 6/01/05

    I have a good one. I use old maps. I use the maps and cut out the letters D A D on the Ellison machine. I fold a large piece of construction paper in half. I place the word DAD diagonally on the front of the card. On the inside of the card, I have the kids write: "Thanks for your direction." I also apply some street sign graphics, i.e., yield sign, stop sign, etc., and apply them somewhere on the card. Hope this helps.

    Father's Day
    Posted by kathy/2/wi on 6/04/05
    I had my students make an origami box. They decorated their cover and wrote "Dad, I'm nuts about you! Love, ...." Then we put peanuts inside it. I found the origami directions inside a library book. But I will attempt to explain. You start with two rectangles, the bottom piece of paper is 1/4" smaller both directions-length and width. Fold in half-open up. Fold outside edge to your middle inside crease. Fold other outside to the middle inside crease. Open up. Repeat these first steps the opposite direction. Miter the corners by touching the outside tip to the first crease line. Gently pull up into box shape. Press the eight creases that form the box shape. We made a few samples before they actually worked with the decorated lid. They were a regular box factory after they understood how to do it.
    We also made Father's Day coupons. That was fun. One of my students is going to give his dad a toe rub. Ha!

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