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    New Dress Code
    By yesteach

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    We have a new dress code for next year... my only complaint is that they are saying no Crocs. I know, people think they're casual.. however, they're also excellent orthopedic shoes (IF you have real Crocs, not the cheap imitations). I started wearing them two summers ago when my daughter was REQUIRED to wear them at her job (she was working in food service and they're anti-microbial). I tried them on and fell in love with them and wore them all summer. The biggest change for me was my foot. I have traumatic arthritis in my right foot, and have dealt with pain in the joint of my big toe since I was about 16 (I'm 47 now). For the first time in thirty years I had no pain in my foot in that joint (it even hurts if I go barefoot!). I started wearing nothing but Crocs (I have the beach ones, the professional - no holes - and flip flops)... my toe has not hurt in two years! It's amazing! I also have noticed that the knee I dislocated in an accident at school (a kid turned a chair as I was walking by and it caught my foot and tripped me), no longer aches... the doctor told me to expect to have trouble with it for the rest of my life, and just be thankful nothing tore and I didn't have to have surgery.. with Crocs, I have no pain in my knee. I'm going to my doctor and have him write a prescription (and yes, there are prescription Crocs) for me so that I can still wear them.

    On a more interesting note... the one I couldn't believe in ours "No visble underwear"... :-(

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