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    morning ideas
    By Rebecca

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    I make find-a-word puzzles from our spelling words. You can make them at Puzzlemaker at The kids enjoy searching for the words and don't realize it is helping them spell the words. Sometimes I have them write in their journal. I might have a picture at each group's table for them to make up a story for or just have one posted in the room. After I finish up my morning routine, then we have share time.
    We do "story pictures"also. They have a designated number of spelling words to use in a sentence(maybe one or two) and illustrate their sentence. Then we go to two sentences and work our way up to a paragraph(using many spelling words). We share these as well.
    You might try "Mixed Mad Minutes". Instead of just math problems, I will have a transparency on the overhead of things from different subjects (a practice of all things we are studying at the present time.) Ladder books are fun for spelling words, vocabulary words and definitions, or whatever. These are a fun way of writing your words but does require quite a bit of construction paper. The kids can make these on their own after you spend a little time with them on how to put them together.
    When you start multiplication and division, you can give them index cards and let them make their own set. They can keep these in ziplocs in their desk and take them out anytime they are finished with work and practice them. Hope these ideas help!

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