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    biome in a bottle
    By SFiorini

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    This is what I do and the kids love it!
    Materials needed:
    o 2 liter soda bottle
    o aquarium gravel or pebbles
    o potting soil or topsoil from your yard or garden
    o seeds from fruits or vegetables (green bean seeds and sunflower seeds work the best)
    o packing tape to seal the bottle
    o plant grow lights if you have them, otherwise a sunny windowsill.

    1. cut the soda bottle’s top off so you can get your hands all the way to the bottom.
    2. put one inch of gravel on the bottom of the bottle.
    3. put two inches of soil on top of the gravel. Make sure not to pack it tight.
    4. use your thumbnail to make a trench in the soil along the middle.
    5. plant your seeds in the trench and make sure to space them out enough.
    6. cover the seeds with soil again. Make sure it is not too much more. Most seeds only need 1/8 of an inch of soil on top of them.
    7. SLOWLY put water in the soda bottle until you see it collecting in the rocks. Make sure not to put too much, otherwise your experiment will not work correctly.
    8. put the bottle top back on with the packing tape. Make sure your bottle is as air tight as possible. Also make sure the bottle cover is tight.
    9. place your bottle in a sunny window or under grow lights. Depending on what you use, you should see growth within a week.
    Note: Keep the bottle sealed at all times. You will see the water cycle in process through the condensation on the side of the bottle. This process will keep your plant watered and the soil moist.

    Keep the bottle sealed until you see your plant getting close to the top. At this point, you can take the top of the bottle off and make sure the soil stays moist.

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