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    Reader's Theater Performances
    By klc910

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    I do a Reader's Theater every six weeks.

    Monday: read the "actual" story from the book. They get one copy of the script to take home.
    Tues-Thurs: practice- switching parts (focusing on fluency, voice and volume)
    Thursday- they get their parts
    Friday- perform - I reserve the cafeteria stage and let parents, other teachers and even our principals know when it is. Some parents can come, others can't, but I usually have an okay turn out. Usually about 5-10 parents make it and different classes come each time. The principals always try to show up, but they can't everytime with their schedules. The first six weeks I had the class share write an invitation to them.

    The kids really enjoy it. I do two reader's theaters each time so that I have two groups. I have also learned this year a great way to pick parts. On Wed I have the kids tell me their 3 favorite parts. I usually works out that they can get one of those parts. If no one chooses a part I will ask the class if anyone wants that part and I even might give them a ticket (for the treasure chest) for switching. Some times I just tell them that next time they get to pick their part. The students are really good about reminding me of who gets to choose their part. I just found that if I let them give me a few options then I don't have hurt feelings.

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