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    ideas and activities
    By hescollin

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    One thing that I would do is make a reading bag for each student. 8x12 inches, when finished. Make the back longer 17 inches, this would make a flap to flop over the front. I'd put a handle on it.

    Take a string attach it to the bag and tie a pencil to the other end.

    Have some fun things to go along with some of the books. Clifford the Red Dog books might have a puppet. Some small stuff animals. Whisper Phones. Make sure everyone gets to take a Whisper Phone home at least once. Buy 2 curved piece of plastic PC pipe and a short straight piece and put them together to look like a telephone receiver. Students whisper read in one end and can hear themselves with the other end that is at their ear. These are super great for improving fluency.

    I'd send a library book home each night. The book should be on the childs reading level. They are to read the book three times, about twenty minutes reading time. Each night they would have a bookmark. A piece of colored paper with a clip art picture on it. Each bookmark needs three blank lines. The person they read the book to must sign the bookmark. One of the three can be a stuffed animal, the family dog or whatever and they put their hand on the animals paw and help them make an X. They must return the bookmark signed and the book and receive a sticker on their chart. At the end of each week they receive a gumball from the gumball machine. Get gumballs and gumball machines at the Dollar Store cheap. If money isn't a problem, maybe an ice cream bar on Friday. Or an ice pop. They are cheap.

    Have everybody bring a rock about the size of a half dollar. Be sure and have a bowl of rocks for the students that forget. This is their pet rock. Read a story about rocks. Have them take the rock home in their bag and read their book that night to their pet rock. You can hot glue wiggly eyes on the rocks. They might want to name their rocks.

    Read Stone Soup and have the students bring something for the soup. Cooked. You can buy a big bag of potatoes cheap and make a lot of soup cheap. Students act out the story. Cook in an electric roaster. You'll need some broth or bullion cubes (I like chicken broth or chicken cubes the best), veggies, a bit of cooked crumbled hamburger.

    Big Books to read together.

    I'm wondering if these are kinds of ideas that you are looking for?

    What have you been doing?

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