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    By alemankf

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    I think that our system works pretty well. We don't have any walkers because we are on a main highway.

    At 2:05 the principal announces that all bus riders should be dismissed. Bus riders are walked out by 2 teachers per grade level and immediately go to the bus. At 2:08 the principal announces that van riders are dismissed. These are walked out by 2 teachers per grade level and sit down while they wait on their van to arrive. Bus riders and Van riders dismiss from the circle in front of the school so the van riders have to wait until buses get loaded and out of the way.

    At 2:10 the bell rings to dismiss car riders. The remaining teachers walk the car riders out to the side of the building where we have another circle and the parking lot. If parents are in the circle the MUST remain in their car so the traffic doesn't get stopped. The principal will not hesitate to get angry with a parent for getting out of their car or holding up traffic. All students sit on the sidewalk and they are called to silent. The coaches walk down the line and call names which the principal calls over a loudspeaker. Those students come to the front line and watch for their ride. When their ride crosses a designated spot, they raise their hand and one of the teachers on car duty takes them and puts them in their car. When it rains or is really cold, the kids dismiss from the cafeteria, but the procedure is the same.

    I have been really impressed with this procedure. We are normally done with dismissal by 2:30 on good day. The longest I've ever known it to take was until 2:40.

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