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    Multiplication and division
    By Janet F.

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    I recommend starting multiplication with lots of work using some type of manipulative. We use base ten blocks a lot. I give the students a fact like 3 x 4 and have them build an array that shows this fact. Next I have them write the fact on their white boards and draw an array using x's or O's. We talk about how 3 x 4 means 3 rows of 4 and the answer is 12. Then I have them turn their boards sideways so they can see that they haven't changed the number of x's but the fact is now 4 x 3. After they have aught on to that, we discuss families of facts in adition subtraction and how we can do the same thing with mult. and div. because they are also opposites of each other. I point out to them that just like subt. when yu divide you must start with your equation with the larger number. There is an excellent set of books that I got from Primary Teachers Book Club(on the internet) that drills on mult. facts. Unfortunately I can't think of the name and I don't have it at home with me. I think it's called something simple like Mult. Practice Level A and there is a second book B. They take 1 minute tests daily starting with the 0 rule and the 1's rule and then proceed through 2's,3's etc. What I really like is that it keeps repeating the facts that they have passed so they don't forget them once they have passed that test. Hope this helps you some.Janet

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