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    ADD & ADHD
    By alemankf

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    I think I agree with everybody in some respect. I've only been teaching for two years, but in those two years I've had more than 20 students whose parents claimed that they were ADD or ADHD. Now some of those students truly did have ADHD or ADD. And many of the ones who truly did came from stable homes. The ones that concern me are the students who will look you dead in the eye and tell you "I can't follow directions because of my ADD/ADHD." This is a problem. If the students are using this as an excuse then someone has told them that they can. Many of the students who tell me this also had parents who tell me the same thing.

    I truly believe that ADD and ADHD are medical conditions that can be treated, but I think that at the same time all young children are hyperactive at times. Just because a child is hyper at times does not make them ADHD and it is sad when a parent uses this as the only basis for wanting a child diagnosed. I am perfectly aware that ADD and ADHD are real and difficult for parent, child, and teacher alike to cope with. It does sadden me however to see that there are parents out there who will enable their child to use this as a way to skirt around the rules and regulations set up in a classroom. When these students become adults an employer is not going to look at them and say "Oh, you have ADD... well of course you don't have to go by the same guidelines as the other employers." I believe that, as parents or teachers, it is important to help these students find ways to cope with this and continue to learn and grow.

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