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    Namimg/Action Parts
    By Joanne

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    I just finished this with my second graders. I told them the naming part tells who or what and the action tells what they are doing or what something is like. At this age, I tell them the Naming part USUALLY comes at the beginning and once they find that, the rest of the sentence is the action part.
    For an activity, I had them choose an interesting
    magazine picture and paste it on a piece of paper. Then they had to write one good sentence about it. We read each other's sentence and decided what was the naming/action part in each.We circled the Naming part with a red crayon and wrote "N" above it and circled the action part with a purple crayon and marked it with a "A". I collected all the papers and assembled them into a Naming/Action Part Class Book. They love looking at the magazine pictures and reading the sentences everyone else wrote.
    It was a very simple activity and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

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