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    Personal narritive
    By Regina

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    Before they can write a personal narritive, they need to understand what a acomplete sentence is. (as I am sure you know) After that is taught, then you can introduce how when sentences are put together they form a paragraph. Explain that paragraphs consist of a topic sentence (the sentence that tells the reader the main idea of the story or paragraph), details (that support the topic sentence), and a conclusion (which is the topic sentence written in a different way). Give examples and do one with them. Have them point out topic sentence, details, and the conclusion. Each of these things should be taught and retaught seperately (but in context) for reenforcement. Give them lots of examples of paragraphs. Have them do topic sentence first. Eventually move to details (including finding details that don't belong) and then move to conclusion (replace the conclusion of a sentence with the topic sentence and vise versa so that they see how they relate - the paragrapg should still make sense) NOW - thier personal narritive... Give them activities that build their knowledge base and create thinking. Perhaps practice by giving details to them and ask them what would be a good topic sentence - give them topic sentences and conclusions and tell them to give you three details etc. Pull it together with a paragraph done by the whole class and you on an overhead or chalkboard. Pull it all together by having them come up with their own personal topic sentences, details (maybe give them prompts such as first, second, then or sensory words) and then have them restate the topic sentence but in a different way. Then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Of course eventually they will learn adverbs and adjectives and other ways to make their paragraphs more interesting. I'm no expert, I too am a first year 2nd grade teacher, but I have found this to be a good way of doing it.

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