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    By lillian

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    Spelling is a real clue to dyslexia. When a child is dxed by an expert in the dxing of dyslexia, spelling is looked at closely, and the private evaluator asks a lot of questions about spelling and wants to see a lot of writing samples. Since this child has not been remediated, you may see complete nonsense words, if the dyslexia is severe enough (like my son writing "gul" for "gift"). Another common thing to see are words with vowels completely left out (like my son would write "strd" for "started"). Certain sounds will continually be confused in the writing, which you may think is confusion with the alphabet, but it is not. Common confusions include m and n and l and r. The child will write common words incorrectly over and over and over, no matter how many times the child is corrected. My son wrote "waht" instead of "what" for years. You may see lots of letter order confusion, like what you describe above with "place." My son has a terrible time with this, much worse than with reversals. He did some reversals but not a lot. Letters with tails that go below the line still give him difficulties, though. He's not sure what to do with the tail. He still writes his little g and his little p completely above the line, so his little p looks like an uppercase p. Unfortunately, some dyslexics never learn how to spell, even after years of remediation. The younger you start interventions with a dyslexic, the greater chance the child has of learning how to spell.

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