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    By Sandy

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    Lead off with a very basic discussion of supply and demand. Then have each child take out one item from their desk. It could be a pencil, eraser, ruler, textbook...whatever. Then give each child a sticky note and have them write a price on it for their item. Then have the students walk around a view the objects for sale. You could make up a tally sheet or something where they could keep track of how many of each item were for sale and what the selling price was. After this, continue a more in-depth discussion of supply and demand using the various class items that are for sale as examples. (If there are 8 erasers for sale, would you pay $5.00 for one when you can go two desks down and buy it for $.10? Now what about Mark's pencil box? He has the only one and there isn't another one like it available. Do you think he could sell it for more than the $.25 he is asking for? Why or why not? Then have them write down 2 things they learned today. Hope this helps. If you need more details, email me.

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