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    My 2 cents
    By Mrs.EastCoast

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    I don't really think she said anything that awful. I have found, because I tend to be sensitive too, that people usually just talk in conversation, and words come out, and they aren't edited for the-absolute-most-polite-way-ever wording. I don't think that she meant you are wrong and horrible and mean and Scroogey to prefer to open your gifts at home; I think she just meant that was the wrong way of thinking, that the kids are excited to see you open the gifts they brought for you and it's a fun time, just enjoy it and go with it. I am very conscious of the way I speak to people with whom I work, because I want to be seen as friendly and helpful and nice - someone who can be trusted. So I am conscious of that and therefore, "watch what I say." Maybe this woman is someone who just talks. :rolleyes:

    I can definitely see why you choose to open your gifts at home and in fact, I have not thought of that before. It makes sense!!

    I am one who opens gifts with the kids. My class loves to stand around and see what I get and they all make comments and say how nice things are. I do ask the giver if I can open it now and if they say yes, that is how I do it, if they say no, I tell them I will open it Christmas Day. I have told children who make comments about not having brought anything, or "I am bringing you a present tomorrow," I always respond w/ "Oooh, presents are fun to open, aren't they? My best present is my class ... and you help give me that everyday." I don't want to minimize a gift, but I also want children to know that THEY are more important than actual presents.

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