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    my son has this problem
    By mom2boys

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    I have a fifth grade son with this problem. He is in the gifted program, so he was already on the special services radar and it was easier to get him evaluated. I'm sure that me being a teacher and the special services people having to see me everyday also helped. The OT guy said that he had no motor problems. We have tried MANY different approaches, but haven't seen too much improvement. There is a device that has an electronic pen and a bunch of cards. Some have black lines on white paper and some have white lines on black paper. The pen makes a sound if it is touching black. He used this to practice fluidity. It helped some. There is also a device that hooks up to the computer and allows a child (or anyone, I suppose) to speak naturally and the program types what you say. I think it was called Dragon ....something... Naturally Speaking. It takes a lot of time to get it to recongnize your voice and even then it made so many mistakes with his "southern boy" drawl that it just didn't make sense to try to use. It think it could be a wonderful tool though. Good luck with your little guy. I know as a momma that it makes a diffference when the teacher lets you know that she thinks you are smart and worthy and tries to accomodate your problem.

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