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    walk throughs
    By Tounces

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    We've had them too. They have been informal and nothing has been left on my desk afterwards. I don't like them even though I'm doing great. I have formal observations because I'm in a different state. I've been teaching around 15 years now. I don't think I'll ever like them or get used to them. I'm such a perfectionist, I spend the time getting nervous or worry about little things when they're in instead of staying focused on what I was doing. They distract me a lot, probably more than my kids.
    Now, they have deleoped a more formal walk through. They have checklists for every subject, like what should be up in the room, how I ask questions, how my objectives are written and posted, etc. They are even training parents to do walk throughs. After training, they will come through rooms with the checklist and later meet with gropus of parents to discuss what they saw. I really think this is overboard. I don't think I should have to teach and get repeatedly watched. I'm a professional teacher. I always do my best and have mulitple degrees. I don't like being treated like teachers need to be watched all the time. I feel like they don't trust us. How many times must I have to prove myself-the rest of my career? What's next? I know one school in my district has cameras in the room now. People can observe, zoom in etc. from the hall to see what's going on!

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