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    By Kristen_6th

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    I know there was another posted who said her class lives with her boyfriend but I wanted to clarify that I do not live with my boyfriend- just the cat.

    That said, I think it really depends on your community. I live in the same neighborhood as my school. So my kids have seen my boyfriend around my house and so they know who he is. I don't tell them any really personal details but sometimes if someone is talking about a video game, I will say that he has it.

    My community is very liberal. There are teachers who do live with their boyfriend and are open about that. It is acceptable for teachers to be seen drinking with dinner. In fact, there is drinking at district events. Parents do not seem too concerned or upset by any of these things. It's just a part of the culture of this community.

    On the other hand, the school I student taught in was fairly conservative. If a teacher lived with her boyfriend, it would have to be kept VERY quiet. Teachers did not go to liquor store or order alcohol AT ALL in that town- not even a bottle of wine for their anniversary (if they wanted alcohol, they would drive to a different town to buy it). It was just a part of the culture of that community.

    So I guess what I'm saying is that it depends on your community. If the OP is really disturbed by these things, she should go to the principal.

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