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    Anyone ever heard of this???
    By lilla_beth

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    I think The Reading Sufficiency Act is pretty much the same everywhere, but just to clarify, it states that if a student isn't reading at grade level, they are required by law to have additional tutoring (either through pull-out, or before/after school tutoring). I'm a third grade teacher in a middle to low income area. Our list of qualifying students came out, and on average, there are about 7 students in each class that qualify. Our principal asked for volunteers to tutor. Well, I'm 7 months pregnant and not going to be here all year anyways, so I didn't volunteer to stay late and tutor. It wasn't until he announced who the volunteers were (4 weeks after asking for volunteers) that he said "if you didn't volunteer to tutor, your gets won't get tutored" WHAT?!?! That doesn't make since to me as this is a LAW that every student that qualifies HAS to be tutored. I'm not the only teacher here that didn't volunteer - several teacher's couldn't commit to the additional tutoring time. I just think it's unfair to my students. Has anyone ever heard of this? Am I over reacting? I've already had some parents complain to me. I can't do much about the situation. I'm very frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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