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    4th grader pooping his pants?!?! (long)
    By SoCalTeach

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    As the school year has progressed, I've been learning more about my students (I've been looking at their cums, IEPs, etc.). I have one student, a male, who has a one on one aide. His IEP is as thick as a book! Anyway, I knew right off the bat that he had some form of ADHD, and that was documented in the IEP. It says he has sensory difficulties, ADHD, and processing difficulties. He is pretty smart, though. As I talked to some of his past teachers, they all told me they had a terrible time with him because he would poop his pants, starting from 1st grade on up! His former teachers would even find his "stuff" in the room (one time behind a bookcase! EEEWWW!). One teacher called the union, the health department, but no one could do anything about it.

    There is a total of ONE LINE on his entire IEP that mentions "bowel problems". There were no behavior modifications for this. Meanwhile, I know of at least 2 occasions where he has pooped his pants in my classroom - 4th grade! He refuses to acknowledge it happened, even though we smell it. Little parent support - parents have their head in the sand, don't know what they think when he comes home after sitting in his "stuff" all day! They won't even take him to the doctor to see if it is physiological or emotional (I think emotional). Don't you think this kid should be in an ED class of some kind? Tomorrow I willl send him to the office if he does it again, and let them handle it. What would you suggest? Haven't met the parents yet. Should I call another IEP for him, even though he's not due for one until April? What if the parents don't care? How can I deal with this for the rest of the year???:eek:

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