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    By Zee

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    What about 4 corners? You give each corner a name or number (you can tie academic skills into this). This is how I was taught to person is it and he or she hides his or her eyes and counts to a certain number. The other students move about quietly to one of the corners. When the student who is it is done counting, they call out a corner by name and the students in that corner must sit down. The idea is to move quietly so the person who is it does not know where the others are at.

    My kids also like Ms. ____ says. It's like Simon Says, but I use my name.

    We did this during math one day to prepare us for a lesson and my kids loved it. We call it "Fishing" but you could call it what you wanted. I would call on students to come be my fish. They would all have one thing in common (like wearing shoes that tie). I would call enough students up where you could figure out the rule, but still leave some "fish" that fit the rule. The students then had to look around and see who fit the rule and could become a "fish." We play this every once in a while when we have a few extra minutes.

    I'm not sure if these are the kinds of things you had in mind but hopefully it will help you a little bit.

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