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    Mad Minutes, Banana Split Party, Skip Countin
    By hescollin

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    We use Times Tables the Fun Way. This program has stories that help students memorize the facts.

    Mad Minutes ---We start them at the beginning of the third grade. Addition, next subtraction and when we start multiplication we don't give any more add and sub Mad Minutes. Students must get 20 correct in one minute. This makes students stop counting on their fingers, using point math and number lines. If they get 20 correct they get a piece of candy from the candy jar. (a small piece of individual wrapped candy) They like those fruit square things You get a package of them and put in
    a pretty jar with a lid. Can't think of the name of them. We use
    flashcard drills. Sort out the 0s and they must get them all correct in 40 seconds. And they get a piece of candy. Than we do the 1s in 40 seconds and earn a piece of candy. Oh, yes they are easy, but they had success and you have their attention and you are building self esteem. After we go thru all the flashcards including 10s. We go to the Mad Minutes. Get gumball machine and gumballs at the Dollar Store cheap. If they improve by 3 they get another gumball We do a five minute timing on one hundred facts at the beginning of the year and at the end of each grading period. These are test and stay in their personal file folders in the teachers file cabinet. Now when we start multiplication facts. We do the flashcard thing except this time we work of a banana split party. 0s=napkin, 1s=spoon, 2s=dish, 3s=banana 4s= ice cream 5s=toppings chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch, 6s= crushed Oreo
    cookies 7s=whipped topping 8s= sprinkles 9s=a cherry on top. 10s
    = nuts.... Get at Dollar Store also cheap. They earn a certificate at the end of year assembly with the number of facts they mastered in one minute in each addition, multiplication and subtraction.

    Skip Counting, Rays, Flashcards, Banana Split Party, Mad Minutes, Practice, practice and practice some more

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