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    We do love AR at our school also
    By kirsten

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    but caution teachers against recording the grade they get on an AR quiz as a grade in their grade books. The quizzes are really just meant to prove the kids read the book and so are very detail oriented. It's easy to have read the book but forget some of the picky details. Instead we now record the points they earn. For example, I require 10 points per semester. If they earn 8 out of 10 by the due date, they get an 80 for their ind. reading grade. The cool thing about that is, if they only earn a few points on a book because it is an easy read or don't score well on the quiz, they just pick up another book and read some more to earn more points. AND we encourage them to earn extra points. And if they earn 15 points out of the 10 required, we record 150 - big average boost! (but I tell them they can only earn up to 20 points per marking period to have it recorded in their averages) It's a school rule that Every study hall in our building require kids to read silently for at least 10 minutes at the beginning of the period every day. So it has just become so common - kids always have an AR book under their arm to go to study hall. Study Hall teachers know they should have one anyway as every English teacher requires them to earn a certain number of points each marking period. We require the kids to test in our rooms only and sign a log when they test as otherwize we've found they will go to the library, for example, and try to get a friend to come in and help them on the tests, so they now have to take them in our presence, but I just have them come in whenever they are in study hall - even if I'm teaching, they just quietly go to the back of the room and take their AR test and then go back to study hall. Keep a printed list of AR titles in all teacher rooms, our card catalog is on our computer network and the kids can search for AR books on the computer and then go to the library and sign them out. It's of course best to take the STAR test so they have an idea of their reading level, but honestly, they'll still check out books that interest them whether they are in their reading level range or not. We like to give the STAR test in fall, winter, spring to track progress. When I hand out a new Tab book order, I always list the AR titles on the board that are in that month's Tab in case they want to order them. Hope this helps!

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