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    Third Grade Choice Boards
    By KcK

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    did Centers for many years and just this past year I switched to Choice Boards instead.
    My old plan: I had centers set up around the room (Science/Social Studies Center, Math Center, Reading Center, Computer Center, Language Arts Center, Writing Center, and Math Safari/Talking Globe Center) The kids were assigned to a center for the first 20 minutes of the day. I had them rotating in groups every 3 days or so. I would introduce the centers SLOWLY the first few weeks of school. One year I had the kids explore the centers in groups for about 30 minutes and then show the class what they found. That worked out very well as well.

    My new plan: I used Choice Boards this past year because I found the students were getting bored with centers and were ALWAYS choosing the same activities over and over again. The choice board is simply a sheet of paper with boxes all over it. I preprogram it for each child (we do grouping for teaching, so it is not that difficult) with activities (from all my centers) to complete. Some are just fun academic games and some are more skill based activities. Some things they can do twice but most of them they can only complete once. Once they have completed it, they put the date in the box and color it in. This way I can keep track of what they have done and what they have not. There are always two or three boxes labeled anytime boxes that they can complete at any time. I keep my computers as a seperate assigned center each day.

    I hope this makes sense. When students finish with their first choice board, they usually have around 25 boxes on them, they can then take a blank one and fill it in as they go.

    I still have them do choice boards for the first 20 minutes of the day and if they finish their work early, they can choose an appropiate activity from their choice boards. I still introduce them the same way too. It seems a bit confusing, but it really works well and seems to keep the kids more focused and not bouncing around all over the place.

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