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    By Kristen_6th

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    Try to focus on just one prefix or suffix at a time. Sometimes we lump all the prefixes together and it is just too much for the students!

    I agree with the Words Their Way idea- again, this would be focusing on just 2 or so prefixes/ suffixes a week.

    Also check out the Nifty Thrifty Fifty words (4 Blocks). There are some good print outs from this site:

    I would start with some really easy to recognize bases. For example, redo, reapply, review. You can literally take apart the word and see the base word. No changes in spelling needed!

    Also, make sure your students understand the idea of compound words. This is an important concept in understanding prefix/base/ suffix!

    I don't think this is a concept that can fully be understood in one lesson. They might "get" that some words have prefixes/ suffixes. However, I think that in order to really understand and apply these concepts, they need a lot of practice.

    If you do a morning message, try sneaking in some words with prefixes/ suffixes. Just briefly talk about it and move on. Same thing when you come across a word in reading or any subject.

    I saw a room that had several prefixes/ suffixes (and the meaning) on brightly colored paper on a bulletin board. Any time a student found a word with that prefix/ suffix, they could write it on the paper. Of course, that teacher chose the word parts that are on the state assessment.

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