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    Thanks a lot, Kristen!
    By Risa

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    And, finally, here is the word document for you to print out for your classroom THANKS!! That answered my question!

    I, too, did a lot of searching and found most of the same information you posted. When I found the classroom observation checklist, it gave me a bit more information about the strategies used in this program, but still not enough to try to incorporate them into my instruction. I was disappointed that the Guided Language Aquisition Design (G.L.A.D.) webpage didn't have a more detailed explanation of the program's goals and objectives, oir even just how this program design works its components. It sounded like it was a very effective program from those who kept referring to it.

    I was glad that you managed to find the one piece that I was really wanting to know, which was something that listed the components of a 'cognitive dictionary.'
    I realized later, after I continued to read through more of my notes, that I scribbled something about how it's important to sketch some sort of picture to help the brain remember the new word, and that came out in the page that described the 'step by step' of a cognitive content dictionary. I didn't find that on the table that was downloaded, but I guess I could just add a column for a quickie illustration.

    Regarding your tip about not having students guess the wrong meaning... I can see how a student might believe he/she is right if there is no discussion about the word. I think we have our students conditioned, to some extent, to believe they have given the 'correct' answer if we don't elaborate on or question their answers. Not sure how to handle this, since, as you stated, we don't really have any research confirming or denying that the wrong initial information may end up giving the student a mistaken impression about the accurate word meaning. All the more reason, I suppose, to make sure that there is adequate discussion and explanation when we confirm the correct 'final meaning'.

    Thanks for all your time and your investigative skills!!

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